Reading Masajid Directory

These masajid (mosques) are located in Reading. Click the masjid name to find out more information about that masjid.

  • Abu Bakr Masjid, Oxford Road (website)
  • Aisha Masjid & Islamic Centre, London Road (website)
  • Al-Majid Centre, Northumberland Avenue
  • Central Jamme Masjid, Reading, Waylen Street (website)
  • Cumberland Road Masjid (website)
  • Jamia Khulafa-e-Rashidin & Haq Char-yar Islamic Centre, Valencia Road
  • Jamme Masjid Reading, Alexandra Road (website)
  • Markaz Salafi, Lydford Road (website)
  • Reading Islamic Centre, South Street (website)
  • Reading Islamic Centre, Amity Road (website)
  • Reading (University) Islamic Society, Queen’s Drive (website)
  • Shah Jalal Masjid, Stanley Street (website)

If any of the above information has changed or there are any masajid missing, please let us know by emailing [email protected].

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