Ramadan Mubarak!

We confirm that the new moon has been sighted in the UAE, on Friday 1st April 2022, so our first fast will be Saturday 2nd April 2022. We’ll update our website/app as more news comes in.

1st Ramadan declared as Saturday 2nd April 2022:

  • Central Jamme Masjid, Waylen St
  • Palmer Park (Cumberland Rd)
  • Aisha Masjid, London Rd
  • Jamme Masjid, Alexandra Rd
  • Abu Bakr, Oxford Rd
  • Reading ISoc, Queen’s Dr

1st Ramadan declared as Sunday 3rd April 2022:

  • RIC, South St
  • RIC, Amity Rd

Reading Muslim has not yet received confirmation:

  • HCY IC, Valencia Rd
  • Khulafae Rashideen, Valencia Rd
  • Shah Jalal, Stanley St

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Merger with Reading Muslim Council

Reading Muslim was founded by Imtiaz Chowdhury & Jubair Khan in 2018, and held discussions with Trustees of Reading Muslim Council since its inception to align and cooperate together. Reading Muslim Council was founded in 1995 and had slowly become less active and engaged over time. The vision, mission and goals of both organisations are largely the same, and merging allows Reading Muslim Council to refreshen the charity’s activities in the area, and provides a legal framework for Reading Muslim. Reading Muslim Council held an AGM on 25th March 2022 to formally approve the motion.

The founders of Reading Muslim have joined the Executive Committee as Trustees of the charity, along with Tahira Kulsoom, Soha Hafez, and Saif Maher. The merged group will drop the ‘Council’ in its name to be rebranded as ‘Reading Muslim’ and remain registered charity number 1061208 in England & Wales.


Ramadan 1442/2021 timetable

Download our Ramadan 1442/2021 timetable:

Masajid timetables

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Mobile apps indefinitely deleted

Unfortunately our iOS app did not get approved to become available on Apple’s App Store, due to not providing enough additional functionality that Apple requires all apps to fulfil. For now, this means we’re going to pull our Android app from the store as well, and we’ll refocus our communication efforts through this website and our Telegram channel,

We would be grateful for any donations towards our future projects, which includes creating more holistic native apps from scratch.

Alerts Masjid News

Re-opening Announcement from Reading Islamic Centre (RIC)

As per the recent UK government guidelines, Insha’Allah RIC will start to operate the reduced services as of 04/07/2020. Please see full details below:

1️⃣ The Centre will open 15 mins before every Salah congregation and will close 15 mins after the congregation.

2️⃣ Perform supererogatory prayers at home and leave promptly once the prayers are completed.

3️⃣ There will be no wudu facility in the centre. Please do wudu at home.

4️⃣ Wearing a mask and bringing your own prayer mat is compulsory for entering into the premises.

5️⃣ There will be 3 Friday prayers at the South Street centre and 2 prayers at Amity Road centre. The prayer and khutba will be short and start promptly at the designated times. We will communicate Jummah timings separately.

6️⃣ Wherever possible, there will be a one way system and security in place for Friday prayers.

7️⃣ Everybody is requested to bring carrier bags for their shoes.

8️⃣ Minimise or avoid shaking of hands/embracing each other before/after prayers.

Please adhere to social distances guidelines by UK government at all time.

We will offer further advice with regards to the Madrassah, other classes held in the Masjid, planned lectures/talks and other activities in due course. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Jazak’Allah Khair
Reading Islamic Centre