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Abu Bakr Masjid closed until further notice

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Considering the situation around Coronavirus which is escalating on daily basis and based on the guidance from Government, British Islamic medical association and WHO, ABM management has taken a very difficult and unprecedented step, with heavy heart, to suspend all congregational services and activities including daily prayers and Jummuah with immediate effect from today (20/03/2020) after Esha. Therefore, after Esha today, the masjid will be closed until further notice.

This is truly heart-breaking and a very difficult step to take. We made this unprecedented move with right intentions to preserve and save the human lives by reducing the gatherings and to reduce the spread of infection amongst the most vulnerable people.

We believe masjid is also a hub for community where people can turn to when they need any help and support especially during the difficult times. We are in process of setting up a support line and the team of volunteers who will be ready to provide any help and support needed by any one during these difficult times. We will communicate contact details in separate message, also please check our face book page and website for further details.

As Muslims we must remain firm, not be overwhelmed and put our trust in Allah after taking whatever means we have to reduce the spread of the virus.

Most importantly we advise that we all turn towards Allah (SWT) and not get distracted by this temporary situation, continue to perform righteous actions, seek Allah’s protection and guidance.

May Allah protect and preserve us all. Ameen.

Jazakallahu Khairan for your understanding and cooperation.

ABM Management

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