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Take Action

Constantly writing to your MP, showing up in person, and making your vote count will make a difference to the UK's stance on Palestine.

Join the local rally on fortnightly on Sundays in front of HSBC, Broad Street, Reading, starting at 1:30pm. Bring your flags and voices!

Write to your MP for Palestine

There are almost 4 million Muslims in the UK – we should be sending millions of letters of complaint – our MPs will have to respond. We need to write letters of complaints every day and flood their inboxes to the point they have to act.

Send an email to your MP in less than 1 minute via this link set up by Islamic Relief:

Our votes matter

The leaders of both the Conservative and Labour Parties have voiced their support for Israel’s indiscriminate bombing of Gaza. On 15th November 2023, 81% of MPs did not back the ceasefire in Gaza. Muslims and all people who stand for justice agree that the current political class does not represent us. MPs like these should never get our vote again.

Various Muslims across the UK have come together to create The Muslim Vote to inform and guide Muslim voters to apply pressure to their area's political parties. We urge the community to read through their work and advice.

Make Du’a

Make du’a to Allah to guide us to that which is good, increases us in faith, increase our brothers and sisters being oppressed in faith, protect innocent and make us steadfast in our Deen.

In these difficult times, we must come together as a community, as people of faith and conscience, support our brothers and sisters in any way we can. We ask Allah to guide us, keep us on side of the oppressed, to not turn a blind eye, never become oppressors, actively or passively. Ameen.